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SimpliHacks 2.0

Want to take your coding skills to the next level? Want to compete to win awesome prizes and internship opportunities? Want to learn to build amazing websites and apps?

We can help you do just that with SimpliHacks 2.0!

SimpliHacks 2.0 is School Simplified’s second annual 48-hour virtual hackathon. Programmers of all levels are welcome to attend! Whether you’ve never written a ‘Hello World’ script or if you’re building the next Google! As a developer in SimpliHacks, you can create projects to enter a wide variety of judging categories to possibly win some awesome prizes! The Hackathon is also a great place to pick up new skills, as we plan to run two days packed with interesting workshops and events with the help of our sponsors!

Timmy shocked

Winners from June 2022

Pool project image


1st Place Overall Winner

TJ Bai

EcoTheater project image


2nd Place Overall Winner

Jeremy Moon

The Trees project image

The Trees

3rd Place Overall Winner

Eric Li, Gautham Venkateshwaran

WeChange project image


1st College Overall Winner

Aditya Kharote, Varun Koranne, Shreyash Dhamane, Noman Khan

Nourpact project image


2nd College Overall Winner

Baron Liu, Jeremy Su, Emily Su, Avery Zeng

Climate Connect project image

Climate Connect

3rd College Overall Winner

Grace Gong, Azfar Mohamed, Aditya Bilawar, Duy Nguyen

WikiEnv project image


Best Social Cause

Christopher Cao, Raymond Huang, Shourya Chhabra, Shreyas Nair

Envirometics project image


Best UI/UX

Laeek Ahmed, Shruti satheesh, Prashanthini Sundar, Partiv Aravind

Atmos project image


Best Solo Project

Aaron Tang

Frequently Asked Questions

Event Sponsors


  • Image of Aviel Hernandez, the EPD/Lead Organizer

    Aviel Hernandez

    EPD/Lead Organizer

  • Image of Jonathan Lin, the Lead Organizer

    Jonathan Lin

    Lead Organizer

  • Image of Reeva Khokhar, the Operations Team

    Reeva Khokhar

    Operations Team

  • Image of Ethan Barron, the Operations Team

    Ethan Barron

    Operations Team

  • Image of Roland Yang, the Organizer

    Roland Yang


  • Image of Inga Lisovin, the Brand Design Manager

    Inga Lisovin

    Brand Design Manager

  • Image of Irenka Ni, the Logistics Team

    Irenka Ni

    Logistics Team

  • Image of Riddhi Shedge, the Outreach Head

    Riddhi Shedge

    Outreach Head

  • Image of Kaiyi Wang, the Marketing Director

    Kaiyi Wang

    Marketing Director

  • Image of Liana Zhu, the Logistics Team

    Liana Zhu

    Logistics Team

Special Guest Speakers

  • Image of Armell Talla, the Finding your Passion in Tech Workshop

    Armell Talla

    Finding your Passion in Tech Workshop

  • Image of Harpreet Dhillion, the Intro to Cloud Engineering

    Harpreet Dhillion

    Intro to Cloud Engineering

  • Image of Ethan Labelson, the Intro to Deep Learning with Tensorflow

    Ethan Labelson

    Intro to Deep Learning with Tensorflow





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