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Scholastic Relay Race

Looking to expand your knowledge or stay fresh over the summer? Participate in this challenging time-incentivized competition that caters toward anyone’s interests. Form a team and focus on each of your areas of expertise by tackling our five subjects!

Not only does the competition accommodate for schedules by taking place over a whole week, but it also offers the chance for people of any age to participate.

The Scholastic Relay Race is a team-based, open-internet competition where you can compete with your friends to win tons of prizes! Come join us and experience a fun, engaging competition!

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    • Image of Rachel Yoon, the Lead Organizer

      Rachel Yoon

      Lead Organizer

    • Image of Victor Hesu, the Lead Organizer

      Victor Hesu

      Lead Organizer

    • Image of Alex Dickerman, the Test Writer

      Alex Dickerman

      Test Writer





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