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We Inspire Learning

Through learning, we empower the next generation to revolutionize the future.


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Getting Started

School Simplified is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fair, equal, and meaningful learning.

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Academic Services

Digital Program

We provide a broad selection of free resources including tutoring, essay revision, notes, standardized testing preparation, college preparation, and many more. Additionally, with an international community of over 60,000 students, anyone can find a home at School Simplified.


Master your classes with our extensive notes. We release new notes every week, so even if we do not have what you need now, they may be added in the future!

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Start Your Project Today

Take the chance to showcase your capability, creativity, and ideas while receiving community service hours and possibly becoming a project manager!

What is a Project?

A project is a temporary initiative undertaken to further School Simplified's mission of revolutionizing the future through learning!

Projects can include almost anything from hackathons, advocacy campaigns, competitive startups, and more!

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Learn to apply code.

Programming Simplified Program

Learn how to code and create your own real-life applications from experienced instructors from all around the world for free, forever!

Create your own websites from scratch by learning the basics of TypeScript, React, and Chakra UI!

Website Development with Next.js

Create an interactive Discord Bot using the latest features exposed by the discord API with TypeScript and NodeJS!

Discord: Bot Development

Discover the basics of object-oriented programming with the Java programming language!

Java 101: The Basics

Form professional coding skills with the basics of Python and build a foundation that can be applied anywhere!

Python 101: The Basics

Your Success is Our Success!

School Simplified believes that quality education should be accessible to everyone with equal opportunity. As an organization run by students from around the world we know exactly what you need to succeed! Take advantage of that and let us help you!

Don't Believe Us?

Ask some of our students and hear what they have to say!

"They helped me over the course of 3 days redo over 9 assignments to pass the year. I want everyone to know that they are so kind and always ready to help, they are always courteous and understanding. I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!"







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